Why God May Have Closed Doors In Your Life

Have you ever had a moment when you’re trying to push a door open and then you look up only to realize it says, “pull?” I have done this a time or two – trying to force my way into a department store hoping there are no prying eyes around when I suddenly realize my foolishness! Ironically, people use the idea of an ‘open door’ all the time when referring to moments of victory in their life. Statements like, “God opened the door” comes out of Christians often as a way of sharing a great testimony – but I wonder, what is really meant by the expression? Undoubtedly, God can allow circumstances and situations to come together for the good of His plans and purposes; however, what about all the heartbreaks, the shut doors, things that we see as unwanted endings instead of new beginnings? I have come to learn that there is great gratitude owed to God when He intercedes to close a door in your life.

A few years ago, everything seemed to scream “no” in my life. Jobs, opportunities, and situations that were a ‘shoe in’ fell right through the cracks – my future prospects left me feeling broken and confused. Because I am not a quitter, I tried everything to open the doors that I didn’t realize were shutting for a purpose. In a metaphorical sense, I tried knocking harder, pushing and tugging, and even climbing through the windows awaiting the ‘open door.’ But much to my surprise, the doors kept slamming shut. If you have ever experienced a domino effect where one thing leads to another, you can understand the frustration of multiple closed doors. However, I discovered something very intriguing throughout the process that I thought I might pass along.

There is power and purpose in closed doors. While everyone loves to rejoice when God opens doors, we forget that it takes just as much strength to close a door as it does to open one. In fact, the ‘no’s’ are just as valuable to us as the things that God does allow to come to pass. While the closed doors take longer to make sense of, don’t disregard God’s involvement in them! Proverbs 16:9 confirms,

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.”

This means that when we walk towards the wrong doors in life, even if they seem ‘right,’ God has the final wisdom on the matter and loves us enough to stop the things that are wrong for us.

There is an old story that I was fascinated with as a child. Here is a short summary: There was a barbaric king who decided a criminal’s fate by allowing them to choose one and only one door – one of the doors promised new life, the other instant death. Here were the rules: The prisoner had a 50/50 shot to live or die because as he entered the arena, two doors awaited him that looked exactly the same. The only catch was, behind one door was a beautiful woman, behind the other a hungry tiger. I believe that this is how we sometimes see our life and God’s involvement in it. We choose the door we want, and if the results are rewarding – God was there. However, if the results are unexpected, uncomfortable, unwanted, well then God is… __(fill in the blank)__.

If you place your life in God’s hands, He is not the old king in the story that allows fate to take over and randomly decide which door opens by mere human chance. God already knows what is on the other side of each opportunity we are faced with. He is not a cruel Father that should allow us to choose the wrong path out of spite. So, instead of worrying about the ‘should-of, could-of moments’ that He may be stopping for a reason, trust that God sees things perfectly. He has a clear understanding of each event in our life and He sometimes closes the doors for our good (because who knows, maybe a tiger is sitting behind it). Keep this one thing in mind – no matter how closed the door is, there is power and purpose in each and every closed door.

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    • Mary
      Mary says:

      Kate – I’m a spiritual person, perhaps not religious. But I do believe God has a purpose and leads us right where he wants us to be. Which explains why he led me to this article today. Thank you for writing and publishing this. It resonates with me in this season like you’ll never know.

  1. Snow
    Snow says:

    God pretty much dumped on me both parents passed extook up with young bartender kids grown moved out to colo. Dogs passed. Lost home lost 6,000.00 bike I paid for all I got is roof over my head n barely afford just wondering why I wake each morn.????

    • Kathy
      Kathy says:

      The choice for good is always present. You wake up because someone needs you. Maybe not today or tomorrow….but, someone will need you.

    • Patience
      Patience says:

      I have learned by taking the chance to just stop wondering why I wake up every day and just learn to say thank you Lord for another opportunity to make conscious choices and do my best to make it a good day with a little laughter and a lot of love. I try to put out as much positive as I want to see returned to others.. Our purpose is a mystery yet we forget it’s not a purpose for ourselves but for God.

  2. Amber
    Amber says:

    But what if your not sure if God wants you to keep the door closed or try to open it? You seek for his answer but your getting mixed signals. This is based on a relationship.

  3. Kim
    Kim says:

    I believe God brought a person into my life and worked on my heart for him (meaning it wasn’t attraction to him for weeks of being with him). I fell for him and then 6 months later God slammed that door. He just broke up with me for no reason whatsoever. We got along great and was happy. But WHY??? THEN left me lonely & heartbroken but blessed him with someone new 3 months later.

  4. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    I am trying to understand been in prayer for a year. Husband married me after 7 years together, right after the honeymoon found out he cheated the whole time. Have not seen him in a year. Will not sign the divorce papers. GOD PLEASE SHOW ME!!!

  5. Lila
    Lila says:

    I am really hurt right now by some closed doors in my life. Learning to trust God in a deeper way. Recently came out of a relationship to someone I really loved but knew wasn’t healthy. After that, God told me to write. I had wanted to, and was at a prayer meeting and someone prayed over me and told me to “write, and it will be healing to a lot of people.” He opened doors for me to fulfill dreams of writing, speaking, teaching, and doing creative things with all the things I’ve learned over the years, even the deeply hurtful, broken things. But I doubted myself I was so doubtful even though I had received clear confirmation from so many people that I needed to move forward. I doubted myself and I let my best work slip away from me. I sense God closing that door now. The one chance I had to make something meaningful out of my struggles, especially with all that I see going on around me In the world. I pray He opens that door someday again.

  6. Cheryle D Blankenship
    Cheryle D Blankenship says:

    The key is to trust in the Lord. Keep your faith, hope and joy. Focus on the blessings He already has given. It takes time and patience. After all we are a work in progress. We all need HIM!!

  7. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Wow, so inspiring and spot on. I’m currently experiencing an half-cracked door that I feel may be closing completely. I’m before God right now for direction for my next move. I am trusting and believing God for his guidance, and reading this article was very refreshing to hear. It’s so important to lean upon God for everything. Keep allowing your gift to used to spread inspiring messages, because the Spirit of God is speaking through you. To God be the glory!

  8. Lil
    Lil says:

    I was brilliant in school, have worked for major corporates. But after my divorce in 2014,I’m falling on a downward spiral, can’t get a job,had an affair and the man just stopped loving me, my health is failing and my prayers seem unanswered. I feel lost like doors have closed up on me. May God find me I’m truly lost


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