Love at First Sight

What Love at First Sight Really Is Like…

Do you believe in love at first sight? I always thought this to be a very shallow question… anyone who has been married for years knows that true love takes time. Sure, you can like or lust after someone in just one glance, but to fall in love is a process…at least this is what I always believed.  However, as I reflected on the idea, I began to realize that there is one exception: if we were to ask our Creator if love at first sight was a real thing, the answer would be, unmistakably, yes.

So many authors, poets, artists, and lyricists  have tried to beautifully articulate the word “love.”  Yet, no poem, song,  movie or story can compare to that of God’s love for us. He loved us so much that He gave everything for us and it absolutely was love at first sight. You see, I believe when God spoke it is “very good” over mankind, He instantly knew that nothing could separate us from Him:

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning–the sixth day. (Genesis 1:31)

I’d like to share some something I wrote when traveling to Israel a few years ago. The trip was a  gift from my in-laws and obviously it became the trip of a lifetime the very moment I stepped foot on that holy ground. Being where Jesus spent His precious time on earth was beauty beyond words. I got to see all the sites that I had read about for so long. I saw my faith come alive before my very eyes. To fully capture this scene would be like trying to explain a sunset to someone who cannot see color. This was my experience during the remarkable time I spent in Jerusalem. What I would like to share are words from a song I wrote called, “He Gave Calvary,”  about the significance of Calvary to our faith:

When you hear Calvary- Do you sense the mystery?
When you hear Calvary ­ Do you see love amazing?
When you hear Calvary ­ Do you find life’s security?
Cuz’ when I hear Calvary ­ I know Jesus loves me

Yea ­ He loves
Yea ­ The story’s been told
Yea ­ It never gets old
Lay at His feet ­ For He gave Calvary

When I think of the sacrifice ­ What a high price it was to pay
I feel forgiven ­ Even as I’ve gone astray
Been made righteous ­ Death’s not mine to claim
When I hear Calvary ­ I know Jesus loves me

Yea ­ He loves
Yea ­ The story’s been told
Yea ­ It never gets old
Lay at His feet ­ For He gave Calvary

Down the Via Dolorosa ­ My sins were His to shame
When He bore the cross in my place ­ My life forever changed
The nails that pierced His hands and feet ­ Took my scars away
And Jesus loves me this I know

Yea ­ He loves
Yea ­ The story’s been told
Yea ­ It never gets old
Lay at His feet ­ For He gave Calvary

Yea ­ He loves you
Yea ­ The story’s been told now ­ It never gets old

Lay at His feet ­ Surrender everything
For He gave you Calvary

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As I was preparing to walk the Via Dolorosa, the road of suffering, I wanted to take it all in. I’m a very emotional and sentimental person, so  I decided to buy a pair of leather sandals that would only be worn to walk the exact journey that Jesus took to pay for my sin. I wanted everything to be perfect and I wanted the streets to be quiet. I wanted to hear the Lord’s whisper to me and I wanted to take in every moment of pain in order to better experience His great love for me. But….that is not what happened at all!

The streets were loud and noisy; the road, to my disbelief, was in the Muslim quarter of town and had become a modern day marketplace where you could purchase your choice of religious trinkets. It didn’t matter if it was Jesus or Allah, as long as you were buying something. I became devastated and angry all in one heap of emotion. How could the Via Dolorosa be treated with no regard? How could this location be in a part of town where no one believes in the Truth? Then I heard a whisper from the very heart of God, “Do you think this walk was quiet for Me? Do you think that everyone stood in silence as I went to die for their love? I came for everyone, including everyone you see here, just as much as I came for you.” Only tears could express the rest of my journey that day.

The love of God could physically be felt in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (the Church which stands on the hill where Jesus was crucified). Like a record that skips on a particular word, my mind was stuck on the word “gave.” This is the exception to the phrase love at first sight – you see, Jesus’ love for us is immediate and permanent. I physically saw the very spot where all of history was changed. I stood on the very spot where the precious blood of Jesus was spilt. His love seemed to echo from the wooden cross where I knelt. As tears poured down my cheeks, I understood the love which cannot be explained.

The song I wrote above is about the love and gift of Calvary. He gave everything. He gave you Calvary. So, regardless of your love life or who you are or aren’t spending it with this year, I hope you take a moment to bathe in God’s love for you. It’s personal, it’s perfect and it’s forever. So while I never believed in love at first sight, now I do.

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  1. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    Absolutely beautiful Testimony from when you were in Israel! Brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing! Thank you for sharing that with us!🙏


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