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The greatest thing that is holding you back is a lack of focus. The greatest personality type that experiences this are dreamers and you likely often forgo some of the “doing” aspects of your big ideas. The unfortunate thing is, when this happens, your great contributions can stay incomplete for years. While, yes, you may move on to other exciting ideas, you end up repeating a similar pattern which consists of bursts of passion followed by a lack of follow-through (or finished work to show for it). While you may have every intention of following through on the projects and plans that excite you, you likely lack the discipline and organization that it takes to get from step a, to step b, to step c and so forth. The good news is, you are not alone. There are many highly creative people that have an abundance of value to add to this world (and successful ones too) that simply need a systematic way to go about accomplish their dreams.

Here is how you can start changing the pattern: start small. While you may have thrilling goals or ideas, start by accomplishing the things that you might be tempted to bypass because they are less “glamorous.” Successful people know that a to-do list is not a form of punishment, but a valuable tool to live the life they truly want. Find systems that keep you accountable for your progress. Find an app or a planner (I suggest Start Planner) and make a habit of logging your steps with specific deadlines. Deadlines will keep you moving forward and lessen your chances of getting sidetracked. At first, this will feel unnatural and it will feel like it is threatening your creative “juices,” but be reminded that anyone can have a great idea… but not everyone can bring it to fruition. Turn your lack of focus into laser-beam concentration and the world can be yours for the taking!