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Fear of Failure

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The greatest thing that is holding you back is a fear of failure. For so many with this character trait, greatness is often just within reach – however you likely are the saboteur of your own growth. You probably consider yourself a bit of a perfectionist and therefore the idea of failing hurts you down to your core. What you might find, if you really analyze your decisions, is that you are the one actually preventing all that could be yours because you are giving too much control to the inner voices of the fear and “what ifs” that control your mind. The worst-case scenarios are actually paralyzing you from attaining the best-case scenarios that are, in all honesty, feasible realities for your future. You are your own worst critic and might be attempting to control every outcome, knowing full well that is actually an impossible task. The good news is, you are not alone. Loosen your grip on control and all the negative thoughts that enter your mind. Instead, focus on what is in front of you and actually attainable. By living into your reality and not all of the other possible scenarios, you will find that you create more happiness for yourself and those around you, all the while, increasing the peace that you desperately seek.

Here is how you can start changing the pattern: stop seeing red. Have you ever noticed that the moment you consider buying a red car, that is the ONLY color car you end up seeing on the road? Has all of a sudden everyone traded in their old, neutral colored cars for shiny red ones? No, of course not! What you focus on is what you end up seeing. “Stop seeing red” is a metaphor you can hold onto to help you to stop concentrating on all the things that COULD go wrong – the very things that keep you up at night and stop you from living the life you deserve. This change in mindset won’t happen overnight, but you must begin to train your brain to focus on what is tangible instead of what the worst-case scenario is. Chances are you have played-out all the alternative realities in your head (whether it is who to marry, what business to start or where you should live) so much so, that it has become a coping mechanism. You like the comfort of thinking every scenario through thoroughly, but at some point you have to be willing to let go of what you can’t control and focus on the task in front of you. Sometimes over-thinking is just as hazardous as under-thinking! Don’t allow your fear of failing to actually cause you to fail – a fear that will consume your ability to do all the great things that you are more than capable of doing!