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The greatest thing that is holding you back is a lack of drive. Somewhere along the way maybe you got a little lost on your “life” roadmap or maybe finding your way back to a clear life-purpose seems daunting. Regardless, you may feel frustrated, confused, depressed or anxious when it comes to getting what you want out of life. For that fact, while you may remember back to a time when life excited you, if you are being honest, have those feelings been few and far between in the recent years? The good news is, you are not alone. There are many frustrated yet highly capable people that, with the right motivation, can wake up excited about living the life they desperately want – even if they don’t know exactly where to begin.

Here is how you can start changing the pattern: quit something and make a major change. The truth is, you have to jolt yourself out of the funk that likely has you feeling like all of life is rather mundane. Small, relatively risk-free decisions will ONLY result in small risk-free outcomes. If you want to see yourself get excited about the life you have been given, you have to re-start the stalled-out engine and give it a huge boost – small little things won’t cut it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to quit your job right away (maybe you do, but I won’t ask that right off that bat). Maybe you need to quit some negative friendships that have been keeping you idle. Maybe you need to quit your boring hobby and throw yourself all-in on something you’ve been wanting to try new for years. Quit something that is old and tired, in order to make room for the new. If you want to create a sense of purpose and drive in your life, get rid of the things that keep you complacent. The secret to highly driven, successful people is that they go after what they want. They create their excitement and they don’t settle for aimlessness. Instead of focusing on a perfect path for your life, get rid of the things that you know are not working. Quit something to make a big change and create space for something new and exciting – I bet you start experiencing the drive you once loved and passion will start creeping it’s way back into your life!