Love at First Sight

What Love at First Sight Really Is Like…

Do you believe in love at first sight? I always thought this to be a very shallow question… anyone who has been married for years knows that true love takes time. Sure, you can like or lust after someone in just one glance, but to fall in love is a process…at least this is what I always believed.  However, as I reflected on the idea, I began to realize that there is one exception Read more

Why God May Have Closed Doors In Your Life

Have you ever had a moment when you’re trying to push a door open and then you look up only to realize it says, “pull?” I have done this a time or two – trying to force my way into a department store hoping there are no prying eyes around when I suddenly realize my foolishness! Ironically, people use the idea of an ‘open door’ all the time when referring to moments of victory in their life. Statements like, “God opened the door” comes out of Christians often as a way of sharing a great testimony – but I wonder, what is really meant by the expression? Undoubtedly, God can allow circumstances and situations to come together for the good of His plans and purposes; however, what about Read more

Five Truths About Being or Becoming a ‘Girl Boss’

Five Truths About Being or Becoming a ‘Girl Boss’

It seems the trend of ‘girl boss’ is everywhere now-a-days and I’m okay with it 😉 (I am the guilty owner of a mug that reads, “Just a Girl Boss Building Her Empire.”)  Anything that inspires women to be empowered is a message that the world could use a little more of. However, I have also found that being a girl boss isn’t as easy as owning some memorabilia or walking over-confidently through a local mall. Being a girl boss actually means that you Read more