The Ultimate Ghost

The Ultimate Ghost

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It’s the countdown to October’s most popular day: Halloween.  It’s a day where kids get all dressed up, candy overflows, and all the pretty pumpkins are picked. And, while I have noticed that year after year the décor and fuss about this day seems to grow, truthfully  I am more excited about what follows – Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, Halloween does mark two very cool events in my life: the day my adorable puppy Bailey was born (indeed a perfect treat) and the day I drove home with my first ever car (although my father refused to let me drive it home in fear that too many kids might be out trick-or-treating)! So, while I realize that everyone has an opinion about Halloween – some see no harm in it and others are more cautious of the evil that may surround its history – I want to focus on something that carries the utmost importance. I want to focus on a ghost that we all need in our lives… regardless of the month. Continue Reading

September's Must Listen List

September’s Must Listen List

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September marks the change in weather (unless you are in the south, which has been my stomping grounds lately) and with the wardrobe inspired weather change, also comes an array of beautiful melodies from artists that you know and love as well as some great new finds! As I spent time listening to so much great music this past September, I have a lot of things worth featuring. I know that your fall season will be blessed as you check out some of these artists. Continue Reading

Worship: What We Want vs. What We Need

Worship: What We Want vs. What We Need

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Did you know that if you were to go to church every Sunday this year and worship for 20 minutes, you will have spent a little over 17 hours singing to the God of all the Universe? Yet, if we are completely honest, would we say that these 17 (give or take a few hours) really change us as Christ-followers? Do we sing with conviction or are we just watching the PowerPoint slides flash across the screen as the lyrics to familiar words appear – leaving us to only sing along half-heartily? If you are maximizing your hours spent with God Continue Reading

August's Most Download-Worthy CCM Music

August’s Most Download-Worthy CCM Music

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I can’t believe that this year is flying by so fast! How are we already in September? Well, before we start counting down the days until the holiday season, let’s not forget to look back and reminisce about August’s Most Download-Worthy CCM Music. August was filled with great albums, and the songs that I have suggested for you, are sure to bring a great conclusion to the end of the summer! Continue Reading

What Gavin James Taught Me About Listening For God in Secular Music

What Gavin James Taught Me About Listening For God in Secular Music

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There is nothing more beautiful than pouring your heart and soul into something. Recently I went to a Sam Smith concert and I have to say, I was truly captivated. However, it was not by Sam but by his opener – Gavin James. Truthfully, I was disappointed with Sam Smith’s performance… it was just a performance marked by bright lights, great vocals, and an artist who could boast thousands of screaming fans. However, when you strip away all of the “glitter,” the music should be so much more. Sam Smith, a powerhouse singer and songwriter, truly left me wanting more and thankfully, that something more was found by a new artist Continue Reading